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Photographs mounted on wood panels

Mounting photographs on panels, an investigation

Here’s what’s happening at the studio today: I’m on a quest to liberate photographs from mattes and glass.

Yes, I am aware that’s the traditional way to present photographs. But I hate the way glass separates the viewer from the photograph. We’re often looking at a reflection of ourselves while we look at a framed photograph, but don’t realize it. I don’t want that reflective barrier, so I’m exploring alternatives. Today’s alternative is mounting prints on wooden panels.

Right now I’m protecting the mounted prints with several coats of varnish. This is one silver gelatin print and one pigment print. Can you tell which is which? I’m using matte medium for the mounting and spray varnish for protection from the environment. So far, so good. I’ll keep an eye on these for a good long while to see how they hold up. If it works, I’ll have another way to present my photographs that doesn’t involve mattes and glass. Fingers crossed!

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