Darkroom workers make magic with the lights off. Dismiss

Contact Tim

Image courtesy Kent Miller, kentmillerphotography.com
Photo courtesy Kent Miller Photography.

tim [at] hellothisistim.com

+1 (717) 330-4141

Friends of the Photon

I send occasional emails to the Friends of the Photon about what’s happening in the darkroom. They’re a good way to follow along on my photographic explorations. Also, know that any information you give me here is private. I promise not to share it with anyone because I want you all to myself, but not in a creepy way, okay?

Social Media

I have decided, for my own mental health and to protect my limited time and energy for art making, to no longer be involved with social media. Please keep in touch via email and/or join my mailing list to stay abreast of darkroom happenings.

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