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Tim Bowman has been making and manipulating images for over 20 years, first in the darkroom, then on screens both small and large, and now, happily, back in the darkroom again.

Parking Garage, Tree, and Light
One Light, Town Run Lane
Black House, West First Street
Climbing the Front Steps
Loading Dock, West Twelfth Street“
“Transformer and Cactus, West Twelfth Street“
Looking north from the strollway across Town Run Lane
Skybox Lumen, 29 April 2018
Total Solar Eclipse, 29 March 2018
Twin Arches, 12 November 2016
Three Suns
Autumn Roses, 2017. First printing.
Jade, 2017. First printing.
Annular Eclipse, 22 September 2017
Eclipse, 21 August 2017
Skybox Lumen, 3 July 2017
Kitchen Windowsill
Outside the Stage 5 Doors
Stage 6 Door
20 East Acadia Avenue, Winston-Salem
Rocks, Pilot Mountain
Pear Trees
Vacation Dreams
Poor Calvin
Suburban landscape, Cornelius, NC
LA Palm Tree
Bann Drives

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