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John Riddy’s point of stillness

John Riddy makes quiet, exquisitely composed photographs of everyday places. In this video he talks about the thought processes that happen while he makes his work.

I recognize something in his photographs that I’m looking for in my own. Hearing him talk about his approach helps me clarify mine. He treats the space in a photograph like “curtains on a stage” and considers spaces that do not normally attract our attention. The idea of recording a novelty because of it’s attention-grabbing nature is completely absent in his work.

Here’s a quote where Riddy explains how he places his camera.

I start to move the camera around on the tripod. I find this point of stillness in relation to what I’m photographing that seems to be absolutely and completely right. There’s only one place for the lens to go.

Or maybe it’s just better to watch him explain it.

Thank you to Tate for your excellent TateShots series!

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