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The front cover of The Last of the Polaroid Plate 1 from The Last of the Polaroid Plates 18 and 19 from The Last of the Polaroid Plates 42 and 43 from The Last of the Polaroid

The Last of the Polaroid

7"x7" softcover book, 50 pages, 45 color plates.

I loved Polaroid film. I loved the way it responded to light. I loved its delicate color, and how kind it was to skin tones. I loved its immutability. Each exposure was unique. The print you held in your hand was the exact same material that was inside the camera, and there would never be another one like it. I loved that it developed itself. I loved the softness the developing process gave to the image as the dyes diffused. It happened too slowly to see. I loved waiting for it.

These photographs are a love song to Polaroid, a song sung as I exposed the last of my stash, hoarded for a decade in the back of the refrigerator, slowly decaying but still beautiful.

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