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Siemens Somatom video still #3 Siemens Somatom video still #7 Siemens Somatom video still #5

Siemens: SOMATOM Definition Era

QuickTime video, duration: 3′ 22″
Made at Shooters Post and Transfer (now Alkemy X) for Mangos

This video, made for one of my favorite advertising firms in Philadelphia, announces a new CT scanning machine from Siemens. It required involvement from the beginning of pre-production to end of post. The location was selected, a prop built, and a user interface style designed, based on the client’s preferred futuristic feel. A gesture language was developed for interacting with the imagery on the screen, which was to be added in post. The shoot day required on-set VFX supervision to ensure that the gestures would work during the edit. After the rough cut, the screen content was arranged and animated to give the illusion that the gestures were driving the animation.

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