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Skybox Lumen, 29 April 2018

Skybox Lumen, 29 April 2018. Scanned lumen print, inverted.

These were made with the skybox pinhole camera (pictured below) on the occasion of the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, 2018. This camera is specifically made to look at the sky. It has a short focal length and is built from bits of lumber picked out of a dumpster

I loaded the skybox and left it out in the back garden before I went to bed Saturday night. Sunday was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day and this camera stayed out there all day, letting the sun burn its path into the paper inside. The trees held back their silhouettes as the sky added its illumination. I finally brought the camera inside after dark, which made this a 24-hour exposure. With times like that, who needs a shutter?!

This is a lumen print, which means that the image is made by giving the paper such extreme overexposure that the paper darkens by itself. Lumen prints are nifty because you don’t need a darkroom to make them, nor do you need pristine photo paper. I make them using a pack of ancient Kodak RC paper that is too old and fogged for normal darkroom work. It feels good to still be able to put that silver to good use.

The skybox pinhole camera sits on a bench in our back garden The skybox pinhole camera on a bench in our back garden

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