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Parking Garage, Tree, and Light

Parking Garage, Tree, and Light

First printing. Edition of 2 with no artist proof. Glossy, silver gelatin fiber-based paper. 4 by 5 inch image on 6 by 7 inch paper. Selenium toned for longevity.

Print number one of the first printing is available now. $50 includes free shipping via USPS Priority within the US. Please email me for shipping outside the US.

Single-pixel GIF that Paypal insists on having.

May, the first. Out early chasing the sunrise downtown with the little 4x5 camera. Haven’t had coffee yet, so not much conscious thought happening. That’s by design. Exploring this town I’ve adopted. Finding rectangles everywhere. It’s all hitting my eyeballs directly without getting filtered by cognition. Get the “make the photograph” itch right here. This inside corner. Perspective crimping the right angles. That inside/outside thing happening with the light. The first one was too close, haven’t scratched the itch correctly yet. Need more context, so move out into the street as far as possible. Watch for cars. Good morning, Officer. That’s more like it. Needed to break the straight lines. Got it. Now moving on. Two more film holders, then breakfast.

Full-sheet view of Parking Garage, Tree, and Light. Recto

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