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Black House, West First Street

Black House, West First Street.

The side of this building is impossibly dense. So many lines and shapes and textures, indicating changing uses, needs, and requirements. I believe it’s a mix of residential and commercial, but I wouldn’t want to hazard a guess about which part is which.

First printing. Edition of 2 with 1 artist proof. Glossy, silver gelatin fiber-based paper. 8 by 10 inch image on 11 by 14 inch paper. Selenium toned for longevity.

Print number one of the first printing is available now. $100 includes free shipping via USPS Priority within the US. Please email me for shipping outside the US.

Single-pixel GIF that Paypal insists on having.

Black House, West First Street. Adhesive dots. Detail

Black House, West First Street. Window pane and fire escape. Detail

Black House, West First Street. Raking light. Detail

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