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Autumn Roses, 2017. First printing.

Autumn Roses, 2017.

Silver gelatin print on glossy fiber paper, polysulfide toned. First printing. Edition of four. 4” x 5” image on 7” x 8” paper.

Print number two of the first printing is available now. $50 includes free shipping via USPS Priority within the US. Please email me for shipping outside the US.

One pixel because PayPal says so.

One of the fun things about paper negatives is that the grey tones they make have practically no relation to how the subject looks with my eyes. Believe it or not, these roses were very red. The paper I use cannot see red at all, but it does see ultraviolet. This led to a lovely surprise in the darkroom.

Autumn Roses in an 8 by 10 inch frame with a deep, 8-ply matte Framed

Full-sheet view of Autumn Roses, 2017. Recto

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