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Out and about at dawn on a quiet Friday morning in May.

Here’s how it goes on these early morning photography missions: alarm sounds just before sunrise, roll out of bed, brush teeth, grab the camera and tripod, then out the door. No coffee, no checking in on my phone, no lingering over breakfast, in fact, no breakfast at all. Nothing that will break my brain out of that sleepy lethargy. Just out of bed, grab the gear and go.

Arrive at the first spot just as the sun is coming up. My eyes are open, but the brain hasn’t switched on. This is as planned. These pictures are quiet and easy to overthink. So I don’t. Just make the exposure and move on. There will be plenty of time to think in the darkroom.

It usually takes an hour or so to expose six sheets of film. Then I’m back home for breakfast with the family. That’s what’s great about photographing the town where I live. The easier it is to get to my location, the more often I can do it. The more often I’m there, the more clearly I see. Every place is amazing if we only look closely enough.

This is 40 Business.

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