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MQ Base, a flexible black and white photographic print developer

MQ Base is a three-part photographic paper developer based on metol and hydroquinone (MQ). The developer is in three parts to maximize its flexibility. Follow the instructions below to mix the stock solutions. Then combine varying amounts of MQ Base, carbonate, bromide and water to make these tray-strength developers: Separating the accelerator (carbonate) means that...

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Is perfect scene reproduction necessary?

Today I’m looking at images from The Mobile Darkroom, a project by Shane Arsenault and Natalia Barberis. They’re shooting Harman Direct Positive, a photograpic paper that produces a positive image directly without needing a negative, in a 16×20 view camera. (Their site is down currently, it was at https://www.themobiledarkroom.ca). Arsenault and Barberis have me thinking...

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Laurent Girard, master printer, dropping science like beat poetry

Laurent Girard is a master black and white printer based in NYC. I just discovered his astonishing blog, A Printer’s Life. I’m not going to try to tell you who he’s printed for. The list is too big to comprehend. He writes like beat poetry. It’s frantic. Here’s a taste. “then the developer, i don’t...

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Open post

Characterizing Instax Mini, part 1: the setup

Inspired by Steve Yedlin‘s work with cinema film, I’m going to try to characterize the look of Instax film. I’ll then apply the look of that photochemical process to digital photographs. This project will be ongiong as I dig through the data and build a model to simulate the film. In order to understand how...

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